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About Me

Natalie is a Washington DC based professional makeup artist with 10 years of experience specializing in weddings/special events and photoshoots. Natalie’s versatile makeup techniques are attributed to her past experience with prominent beauty brands such as Chanel and MAC cosmetics where she got to work with clients of all ages, races and sexes, as well as her background in dance where she gained substantial knowledge in creating trends for stage makeup.
Known for her keen attention to detail and remarkable color blending skills, she has become distinguished in transforming any face into a perfect masterpiece. She especially likes drawing attention to the eyes by using colors that emphasize the individual’s eye color and shape as well as contouring and highlighting the face as a means of creating symmetry.
In addition to having excellent artistry skills, Natalie’s great sense of humor and down to earth demeanor made her a client’s favorite when she worked at Bloomingdale’s MAC in the affluent Upper East Side of New York City. Plumeria Swimwear's creative director boasted about her ability to accentuate the models' facial features by applying just the right amount of makeup throughout each photoshoot. Whether you are seeking a makeover for a special event or to simply feel pampered for the day, Natalie will ensure that you will maintain a smile on in the course of and subsequent to the event.

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